March 19, 2012

Week of Sickness

Well, February is not over yet. Apparantly, the sickness bug lurkes around our house starting in January and doesn't see fit to leave until March!
Both kids got the stomach bug that was going around. Kaleaha missed two days of school. She felt better Saturday morning and so we attended the annual Lions Club Pancake Breakfast. We met Mom over there and Krennan went home with her. When we left the breakfast, Kaleaha asked me if this was the street that Papa was buried on. I said yes, that the cemetary was a couple of blocks away. She said that it was time for us to go see Papa, it had already been a week since we've been. We got to the cememtary and eventually found his plot. I think it put her mind at ease knowing that she had a physical place for his body. We stayed for a few minutes then it was time to head out of town. Thinking she was recovered, we went to Fayetteville for the Hopes and Dreams meet. We got there a little early and the meet was running a little late. By the time it was time to perform, she was feeling sick again, so we came home with no chance to compete. I don't know which of us was sadder that she came home with no ribbons that week!

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