March 19, 2012

Gymnastics in January

This has been a busy month for us with Kaleaha's gymnastics. I love this time of year even if we've filled up every Saturday for the next 3 months! Kaleaha has done so well this year and we're so proud of her.
January 13 is the Yankee Doodle Dandy meet in Pine Bluff. It's become tradition for just the girls to go. We stay at the Hampton Inn in Pine Bluff. I stay there often for work, but Kaleaha loves it. She loves the rooms, the breakfast and especially the breakfast-to-go. Cracks me up that a banana in a bag is her favorite part of a pricey hotel, but whatever makes her happy. It's fun to have some time with just her. We don't get much of that at home these days with our crazy schedule and trying to spend time with Dad. We just do the best we can everyday but I feel like she gets short-changed sometimes. She usually gets the least amount of my time because Krennan needs more things done for him. I love her so much, I just hope she gets it eventually.

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