September 10, 2011

Finally vacation pictures

Well, like I said before, we went to the Welk Resort in Branson for a few days to cool off before school started. 30+ days of over 100 degree weather is 30 days too many for me. I have never been an outdoors person and this weather makes me dislike it even more! I mean really, who wants to be outside in this heat? You can't even breathe normally!
So, Branson, here we come...

I hope you can see parts of the resort because it was great. Maybe not as much for older kids, but this was perfect for our family. Great place to stay and not very expensive!

We also went to see Noah the Musical and it was pricey but WELL worth the investment. It made it even better when we ran into some gymnastics friends while we were there.

One of the days that we were there, we hit the outlet mall and came home with only 2 bags. VERY unusual! Ron and I both found shoes that we liked, but nothing spectacular for the kiddos.

We also did Ride The Ducks again. We have been on both tours in Branson before with Kaleaha, but never with Krennan. He loves the outdoors and likes to ride with the windows down in the car, so we figured that he would have a blast! He did. Picked up the quacker very quickly and had a great time taking in the outdoors!

I've got hundreds of pictures of the waterpark. It was so hot, even in Branson that we spent a lot of time in the water. Again, a great place to stay for a family vacation.

Snowcones were also a mid-day treat at the resort. We had more than our share of them, for sure!

Then, last but not least, we ended our vacation by stopping at the Jones Center in Springdale on the way home. Another great place. Ron and the kids had never been. We had a great time and even made it down the waterslide a million times!

Then, it was back to the real world...
School, Work, Gymnastics, etc...