March 19, 2012

Finally! Something good about this week!

Months ago, we bought (as part of Christmas) tickets to the Rascal Flatts/ Sara Evans concert. We had been looking forward to this day for months, but after this week, its just a little hard to be that excited. We've already made plans for Krennan to stay with Mom on Saturday night and she says she's still up for it. I'm still on pain meds and not really sure I want to go, but it's not like you can ask them to reschedule, right?
So Saturday morning, it occurs to me that it's going to be Mom's first night in the house alone and maybe it's not time for that. So, I call and ask her if she would rather just come with us and watch Krennan in the hotel room. She says yes and we hurriedly pack all of our stuff and head out. We had a great time at the concert and then swimming at the hotel. I think it ended up being exactly the distraction that we all needed.

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