March 19, 2012

Crappy Times...Part 2

Today, I got up, got ready for work and felt that old familiar pain in my side that indicates that my kidney stones are back. I have to say that they seem to like the month of February. I got Kaleaha to school and barely managed to drop Krennan off with Gran before I found myself back in the walk-in clinic. I got back to the room pretty quickly but because I didn't have a driver, they could not administer a shot to ease the pain. I laid there praying that Ron would call from work on his break at his usual time and not be off of his normal schedule. Thank you, Lord, that he called at his normal time and I asked him to come and get me. In the whole time that he's been at work, I don't think I've ever asked him to leave, so he knew it was serious. He got to the clinic about 30 minutes later and SECONDS later I got my shot. Thank you, Lord, for drugs! He got to play nurse the rest of the day and I slept the majority of it away!
Ron was already scheduled off the next day for one of Kaleaha's meet. I knew that on these drugs there was no way I could go and sit upright for the meet, so once again Mom and Kay kept Krennan and Ron took Kaleaha to her meet. The first one I've missed. Probably would have made me very sad, if I had been awake to realize it. They got home from the meet Saturday evening and we all tried to get in bed early.
Surprisingly, it worked out pretty well.

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