June 28, 2012

Rotary Installation Banquet

Today was the end of our Rotary Club year. This is my 2nd year to serve as the Treasurer and I’m being sworn in again tonight for my 3rd time. I don’t mind serving the club this way. I’ve gotten to know most of the members a lot better than I would have if I hadn’t been in this position. Our current president is Clarke Moore. Our incoming president is Sue Moore. I’ve enjoyed working with Clarke and look forward to getting to know Sue better in the upcoming year. AC Moncrief introducing our new President...
Clark passing on the gavel...
Stephanie Melder won the annual Eck Rowland award.

June 23, 2012

Rotary Fishing Derby

The Van Buren Rotary Club sponsored our First Annual Fishing Derby this year. It was a learning experience for all of us, but I think it was a HUGE success. We had a ton of kids show up and gave away lots of great prizes. Mom and Kay came and brought Kaleaha and Krennan while I was working and they fished for a little while and ate lunch with me before they headed back home. I think I see some fishermen (and women) in our future.

Swim lessons X2

Kaleaha started her advanced swim lessons with Mrs. Jayne. She finished the first one and Mrs. Jayne pulled us aside to tell us that she was way too advanced for the class that we had placed her in. So, we had to go inside and find one to fit her skill level. Mrs. Jayne and Mr. Dan ended up creating a class just for her. That was awesome because she got an hour of uninterrupted instruction. On some of the days, she spent 30 minutes (literally) swimming underwater back and forth across the pool. She learned stamina and distance, as well as a couple of new strokes. Mrs. Jayne let Krennan swim for part of Kaleaha’s class and that helped him to solidify what he had learned from his lessons. Kaleaha passed off on the level 6 swimmer and Krennan passed off the level 3 skills. So proud of them! Mrs. Jayne has promised to let Kaleaha be her assistant for next years classes for the younger kids.

June 17, 2012

Father's Day

June 17th – Father’s Day. A super hard day for all of us this year. I know I should have done a better job for Ron’s sake, but it was really hard to even think about Fathers in general. I just kept thinking about how much I wished that Dad was still here. I’m sure coping will get easier over time, but it sure didn’t seem like it on Father’s Day. We went to the Cemetery and left some flowers, but it didn’t seem right to celebrate there either.

Krennan's 3rd Birthday

June 11th- Krennan is 3!!! Can’t believe how the time has flown. Seems like just yesterday we were coming home from Wyoming with this tiny little creature and now he’s this rough and tumble little monster. He’s so precious! Some of the things that come out of his little mouth just crack me up. He’s so funny. We are very blessed to have this sweet little terror in our home. For his birthday, we just did a party at home and invited family over to celebrate. Matt, Mandy, Kadence and Kourtland came. Plus Mom and Kay. Joe came a little later, so we just had cupcakes and ice cream and visited while the kids swam and jumped on the trampoline. After the party was over Ron noticed a small leak. So, he purchased a repair kit and tried to fix it, but no luck. So, on the 16th we ended up having to drain it, repair the leak and then refill the whole thing. Boo! Our yard looked like a mud pit!

June 10, 2012

Let the crazy summer begin

June 4th – Kaleaha’s gymnastics practices have been moved to the daytime for the summer. That leaves Krennan with nothing to do except hang out in the Outback. Most days that is not a big deal, but in the summer Flame offers a day camp for school age kids and I didn’t want him hanging out with the big kids for three hours every day. Too much negative influence! ALC decided to offer a summer program for their kids for the first time ever. So, Ron and I decided to put Krennan in the Summer Program for this year. Today was the first day and he was placed in Ms. Terra’s class. He was familiar with her because she has been at the school for quite a while. He walked right in and made himself at home. The classes aren’t as structured as they are during the school year and he enjoyed getting to play with his classmates. I think we made the right decision. We also think it will be more beneficial to him to have the same structure every day than it was for Kaleaha. He’s a little more shy when it comes to big groups. He steps back and evaluates before he decides if he wants to make friends. She just jumps right in and starts talking. We’ll have to see if it’s something that we want to do for next summer, but it was an answer to a prayer for us this year. June 6th - Took the kids to the dentist today. Finally! A visit with no cavities!! June 8th - Met Matt & Mandy and the boys at Golden Corral to celebrate Kourt and Krennan’s birthdays. June 9th - Went shopping with Mom for birthday gifts for Krennan and then took the kids to see Madagascar 3.

June 1, 2012

First of June and Swimming

When we got back from vacation we jumped full swing into swim lessons. Krennan is in his third year and this year he really got a grasp on what he was supposed to be doing. We've been very blessed to have Mrs. Jayne as a swim teacher for the last several years and because of her efforts, I have two little fishes.
When I finally went back to work, Ron and I were trying to decide if we were going to join the pool for the summer or just buy one for the backyard. We ended up buying one right before Krennan's birthday. Ron worked really hard on it and got it finished hours before the party!
So, needless to say, we had to go "Swim" shopping. Everyone needs extra swim suits and goggles and towels, right?!!
Kaleaha beat Krennan into the pool for the first time, but he was right behind her and showed NO FEAR!!
If you don't see many pictures of Kaleaha during the summer, it's because she spent most of her days either at the gym for practice or under the water. She's hard to catch above water.