November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving weekend

November 22nd – Thanksgiving Because this was our first year without Dad I wanted to do something different than our regular traditions. What we decided to do was let the kids spend the night with Kay and Ron and I went shopping. Let me just say that Thanksgiving Night shopping at Walmart is INSANE! We had done a lot of shopping on Veterans Day and had gotten most of our Christmas shopping out of the way, but some of the extras we wanted were on sale. We ended up saving almost $100 on different gifts. I also lucked into a full size sewing machine for $50. Maybe now I can actually take the time to learn to sew. After all the standing in line and shopping we had a late night dinner at Braum’s. Then headed home to rest up for the next day. Black Friday we got up early and headed to Old Navy and Target. Got some good deals there and then went by the mall for a little while. Gran called around lunch time and we went and picked up the kids so that she could run some errands herself. Super fun day! Glad we got to do something a little out of the ordinary this year. Every Thanksgiving night our Elf On The Shelf comes back to visit. His name is Kody and he became ours a couple of years ago. This year, since Krennan is SO busy (and in to everything) we decided that we might need two elves. So Ron and I discussed it with Kody and he agreed that watching over both the K’s might be a little much this year. He decided to bring his sister, Kandie! So, starting this year we now have two holiday visitors. It’s so funny to watch how excited the kids are to wake up and see where they’ve perched for the day. After they find them in the morning, everybody has to come and say hello to the elves. A sweet way to start the day! On another note, on Saturday the day after the kids came home, Kay called to tell us that Eli was sick with a stomach virus. He missed school on Monday. On Monday night Joe caught the bug and missed work Tuesday and Wednesday. Ron talked to Kay on Wednesday and she felt OK, just tired. Thursday, I called her on my way to work and she was still tired but thought that she would be able to pick up Krennan from school and keep him for the afternoon until I got off work. I hadn’t been at work very long when she called and has passed out at Papa Cross’ house. She was going to rest there for a little while before trying to drive home but she didn’t feel comfortable picking up Krennan. Can somebody please tell me why these things don’t happen when Ron’s off? He, of course, was back at work for the week and Mom decided to take a real vacation for a change. Good grief! I rearranged some things at work and ended up leaving early, picking up Krennan at school and then picking up Kaleaha. We decided to eat Chick-Fil-A before gymnastics and then Krennan and I dropped Kaleaha off for practice. Luckily I work with some great girls at the bank and they were willing to fill in for me on Friday too so that Kay wouldn’t have to watch Krennan if she wasn’t feeling well. It’s a good thing we had scheduled things that way because she ended up still feeling really bad on Friday, so little guy and I spent the whole day together. We took Sis lunch at school and he got to play out on the playground with her. I think he’ll be really excited when he gets to go to “big” school with her. At least at recess!
Saturday, Ron went back to work and we hung out at home. They love to act silly every chance they get. So, at bed time, Ron had just gotten home from work and they decided to see how many animals they could pile on top of his head! He was thrilled to accommodate them, you can tell.

November 26, 2012

Krennan's Good Behavior

Krennan started his new class last week and today he got a mini stamp to take home for good behavior. Stamps and 3 year olds do not mix very well!

November 16, 2012

The Big Meet!

For the first time in Kaleaha’s competition history her team got to go to the BIG MEET. Supposedly The Phillips 66/Conoco Invitational in Bartlesville is THE competition capital of gymnasts. We went down the night before and stayed and tried to swim but the “heated” pool was not really advertised correctly. We spent most of our night in the hot tub. Poor little Krennan’s skin was very red when we got out but even the kids couldn’t stand the cold in the “heated” pool. I’m pretty sure it was just an indoor pool! BRRR! The day of the meet we got up and had breakfast and headed to the gym. It’s a huge facility and we loaded the girls up with snacks and then went to find good seats. Kaleaha performed well and it was a good opportunity for her to go against some of the big girls. After the meet we went with the Stillman’s to a little Mexican place called Sr. Salsa’s. It was AWESOME!! Hope we get to go back next year!

November 10, 2012

Mom's News

In late October, Mom was called to be and Oklahoma City Temple Worker. She is scheduled to work the first Saturday of each month. She’ll work this one in November (10th) and then the Temple is closed for December for remodeling and she’ll go back in January. It worked out this time that she was able to stay with Charlie and Ginger Tucker the night before. So a visit with great friends and a day spent in the Temple sounds like a good way to end the year. She won’t go again until January. I think it will be a great blessing to her.

November 8, 2012

NHS Red/White Game

For the first time... Father versus Son!! Kadence's first game AGAINST Matt. It was just the Red/White game, but it was fun to watch. Harder to cheer. I finally just decided to cheer for both teams. We had to leave to pick up Kaleaha from gymnastics before the game was over, but we had a great time watching the competition and being back in the Field House singing the Grizzly Alma Mater!

November 3, 2012

Cemetery Flowers

I went to work a little bit early on Saturday and stopped by the cemetery. For some reason, the whole cemetery was loaded was flowers. I called Mom because we didn’t have any on Dad’s grave. So after I got off work, we went and picked out flowers for Dad and for Gigi and Papa and James Allen. I felt much better after they had the beautiful flower arrangements placed on their headstones.

November 2, 2012

Report Cards

All A's again for our girl! So proud of her!