August 25, 2012

Michelle's New Sonata

I have to say at this point in my car owning history that I usually have new car fever after (about 2 years) but I’ve been so proud of myself for hanging on to this car for longer than that. I was really trying to hold out for another 2 years, but then on his way back from the Greenwood Ward, Ron passed Breeden Hyundai and calls to tell me that they are offering 0% on 2013 Sonatas. I asked him why he was telling me that, because we were keeping our Sonata and he just laughed and said he was just letting me know. So…he called Mario on Monday to see what kind of deal we could work out. Needless to say on Wednesday the 22nd, we drove to Bentonville to pick up my new Silver Blue 2013 Sonata. It’s amazing!! So many improvements from the 2009 model. It’s unreal. So much better to drive and the upgrades are awesome! LOVE THIS CAR!

August 24, 2012

Krennan's Gymmastics

We’ve been discussing putting Krennan in gymnastics for a while. He’s all the time trying to do what Sissy does. Well, Mom finally took it upon herself and enrolled him for us. His first day was today and he LOVES it! Coach Mike is his instructor. Krennan’s not very patient and tries to do his own thing when Mike is distracted, but he is loving being out there in the gym with Kaleaha.
This was the end of the first practice and for any of the kids that climbed to the top of the rope and rang a bell, they received 2 suckers. Krennan is showing off his prize!

August 20, 2012

First Day of School 2012

The first day of school for both Kaleaha and Krennan. They are pretty excited!!

August 18, 2012

Back to School

August 13th – Bonneville’s Back to School Picnic. She, of course, was at gymnastics and Ron was at his Stake Presidency Meeting, so Mom and I went and took Krennan. We got to meet Kaleaha’s teacher, Ms. Jernigan, and see her classroom and desk. She was so excited to know that she was going to be in the same class with some of her friends from Mrs. Reith’s class. Ms Jernigan took a few minutes to talk about her class rules and explain her homework policy (NONE!) to the parents and then we were free to go eat hot dogs and chips. That was Krennan’s favorite part of the whole night!
August 14th – Adventure Learning Center’s Back to School night. We met Mrs. Tasha, Krennan’s teacher and got to meet the new director, Mrs. Catrina. They have a wonderful staff and all of the teachers that we’ve had have been wonderful. The summer program was a great addition and we’re looking forward to what this year holds. Ms. Tasha seems to be wonderful with the kids. I was unsure what Krennan would think because she is a black woman and he doesn’t know many black people. But, so far, he seems to not notice any difference between her and any other adult.

August 10, 2012

Terrible Day...per Kaleaha

The kids were out of school and Ron was off work today. This was the greeting I got when I walked in from work...
HAHAHA!!! I think he might have made them clean up a mess or two today. 'Bout time!

August 4, 2012

West End Park

Mom and I decided to take the kids to visit West End Park. It's a pretty neat place down by the Arkansas River. We rode the Ferris Wheel and the Merry Go Round and a couple of the small rides that they have and then ate at the Boomerang Diner which is inside an old rail car.

Quick Branson getaway

July 29th – Dad’s Birthday. Didn't feel much like celebrating. Mandy made a sign to place on his grave that was very nice.
We left for a mini-vacation while Kaleaha was on break from gymnastics. We went to Branson (again). We planned a couple of different events for this trip. We went to the Welk Resort. They have an indoor water park that’s really nice.
We also planned to go and see Joseph the Musical while we were there. The Sight and Sound Theatre in Branson is amazing. We saw Noah there last year and Joseph had gotten very favorable reviews so we added it to our itinerary for the trip. We also ran into some gymnastics friends while we were there. Fun times!
We also went to the Landing while we were in Branson. One of Ron's favorite stops at the Landing is Bass Pro Shop.
Mamom went with us on this trip and she paid for all of us to ride the train at the Landing.
They also had a seasonal store visiting the Landing. They called it LegoLand and the kids LOVED it.
They also love the rides...
One of my favorite places is the fountain...