March 19, 2012


For my birthday in December, I wanted to go see the movie Courageous. Finally got to go see it New Years Day. MOST AMAZING MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

It came out on DVD on the 18th, I was one of the ones in line to get our copy.
We had told Mom and Dad what a great movie it was, so we took it over to their house first so they could watch it. They started watching it while we were there, but we had to go before it was over. Kiddie bedtime! Sometimes I have foot-in-mouth disease and this was one of those times. We had bragged about what an incredible movie this was and I wanted them to get to see it not really thinking about what kind of reaction the story line would get. I sometimes forget about my Dad's brother who was killed when they were young. If any of you know the Courageous story, then you can imagine how they must have felt watching the movie.

I very anxiously asked the next day what they thought of the movie. My mom said that Dad finished watching it and said it reminded him so much of when James Allen was killed.

I felt like such an idiot. Not my intent, of course, at all, but good grief!

Anyway, still LOVE the movie, but it brings it a lot closer to home to know that this is a situation that my Dad has been though. I'll probably try a little harder to think about things like that before I recommend the movie to someone else though!

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