March 24, 2012

SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally! A break from our crazy schedule. Piano is finished for a few weeks and gymnastics was moved to the daytime so after practice on Thursday we took a couple of days to go to Branson. We decided to stay at Castle Rock. Usually if we choose that hotel, we pick a Tower room. Those were not available on this trip, only the Atrium rooms were available. They claim that the Atrium rooms are just across the parking lot. Not true... Across two parking lots and did I mention that all of a sudden the winter weather decided to come back? High 50's and rain. Nothing like what it's been for the last several weeks. Lucky us! Nothing like hiking across 2 parking lots being wet from swimming and FREEZING!
We had a good time aside from a couple of small mishaps with the hotel.

Then from Branson to Little Rock for Kaleaha's State Gymnastics Meet. We booked a Comfort Suites in Little Rock and they had an indoor pool with a kids Splash Pad. Krennan loved the Splash Pad and Kaleaha loved the pool. For me, the pool was a LOT warmer.

So now the only event left for this vacation is the meet tomorrow. Go FLAME Level 4 Girls! You've had an awesome year! Let's finish it well!

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