March 19, 2012

Hump Day

It really has been hump day this week. Just one more day to get through then the Funeral. Today we decided since we were off work to go ahead and order the headstone. I know it doesn't have to be done that quickly, but its kinda rare for all of us to be off at the same time. So, Matt and Mom met Ron and Krennan and me to pick out a headstone.
There are lots of options to choose from but for me, I try to visualize something that is not "over-the-top". He wouldn't have wanted that. We also ended up selecting plots at Gracelawn Cemetary instead of the National Cemetary. Lots of drama about that, but I think ultimately I think a better choice for us. We finally found the headstone that we all agreed "looked like" him. Very classy, medium sized with the option of personalization for him. We found a quote that we liked and went with a picture of a trombone above his name. I'll post pics if they ever get it put out there.

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