March 19, 2012

Let the Crappy Times Begin

On Tuesday the 24th, I was out of town for work. On the way home, my throat started getting scratchy. By the next day, I was dizzy and felt really crummy. Called in sick to work and slept almost all day. Felt a little bit better but still not wonderful. Picked up Kaleaha from gymnastics on Thursday and went straight home to bed. I think I conned the kids into watching a movie in Mommy and Daddy's bed. worked! Decided on Friday that I couldn't take the pain anymore, I couldn't even open my mouth. Stopped by the walk-in clinic on Friday morning on my way to work. Hello Strep Throat. Never had that before and really don't want a repeat experience. Went home that day while Kay kept the kids. Mom and Kay kept both kids for me on Saturday and with major antibiotics and lots of sleep I finally felt human again on Sunday.

Monday the 30th started out better. We decided to have Family Home Evening with Mom and Dad. Kaleaha had planned the lesson and Mom did the snacks. I got there a little bit earlier than Ron and the kids since they were coming from piano. Just got into Dad's room checking on him when Ron called. The battery had died at piano. I ended up having to go give them a jump. Then back to Mom and Dad's for the lesson. Kaleaha did a great job and we had fun even though Dad slept through the entire event. (Not sure how he slept through our singing!!) Maybe just pretending??
Then home to begin the bedtime ritual.

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