March 31, 2012

State Meet and Disaster

Ended our vacation on a high and a low.
On the high side, Kaleaha did great in her State Meet. She scored pretty high on each individual event and placed well at the end.
Vault 4th place
Bars 2nd place
Beam 5th place
Floor 3rd place
All Around 4th place
These are girls from all over the state. We are so proud of her! If you get a 5th place on a 9.5 score, you know you've got some competition!

After the meet, which Gran and Mamom drove down for, we went to PF Chang's with the Stillman's. They're so fun. Mason and Krennan kinda get along and the girls are big friends, I'm not a chinese fan but everybody else loved the food and I had great company for dinner.

On the way home from the meet apparantly there had been some kind of accident or blow out on I40 and there were tire pieces all over the road. There was also a big tire on the road that Ron had no place to avoid hitting it. I was reading and heard a huge bump. The car appeared to be fine, so we kept going. This happened around Russellville (85 miles away). We got off the interstate at Rogers, stopped at Arby's to feed our starving children and the car started overheating BIGTIME. I wasn't sure we were going to get it home and we only live a few blocks from there.
We very quickly got home and it was late and dark so we unloaded everything and then Ron went out to see what was going on.

Honestly, we can only thank our Heavenly Father for getting us home safely. The front end was buckled up underneath the car and we could tell from the stuff leaking out that something bad was going on with the radiator. Anyway, long story short, we got the thing towed on Monday. We are down to one car for the next two weeks and that stupid tire caused over $2900 in damage.
What a way to end vacation!

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