June 15, 2011

Loving My Life

I'm still trying to look for the positive in every situation this year. So far I've been pretty successful except for the dogs. What in the world were we thinking? All of the reasons that we gave for not having animals in the first place are still valid except for the fact that I forgot one...THEY SMELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT loving the dogs at the moment. We are in the process of cage training them and that's not going so well either. I think I just don't have the time and patience for animals any more.

In other things, life goes on as usual. I've had two more friends that have lost husbands or wives and it makes me appreciate my little family even more than usual. I've been so blessed. For someone who for many years didn't think that they would have a family the promises that the Lord gives us are absolutely true. When he closes a door he does open a window. He hears the desires of our hearts and answers them in His time. That's always been the hard part for me; recognizing His time frame.

I haven't made a committed effort over the last couple of years to really study my scriptures either. Something I hope to change over the next few weeks. I've finished all of my YW Personal Progress except for Virtue because I haven't finished the Book of Mormon. That's my goal for the next few weeks. Seems like I always have something that gets in the way of my study time. I'm so proud of Kaleaha. She and Ron have started reading the BOM at night and she's doing such a great job. I hope that it's a real testimony builder for her.

She lost her first tooth this week after waiting for the last year to catch up with some of her friends. She was SO excited! I was all ready to let the Tooth Fairy know about her tooth when she went to bed that night and she burst into tears and begged me to please keep her tooth and not give it to the Tooth Fairy!!????!!! I was surprised to say the least! She has decided that she will keep them all until she's 13 and then hand them over.
Funny girl!

My sweet little Krennan turned 2 on Saturday. LOVE that kid. He just cracks me up. I kept trying to teach him to say I'm 2. He was having no part of it... Matt and Mandy and the boys got him an inflatable race car ball pit. He loves it! He "picks up" Kaleaha and they go for a ride. Then they go to the "drive in" and watch Dragon Tales. She plays along for a little while until it's her turn to drive and then he wants her out!

We are taking a break from bowling for the summer and it's probably a good thing! I'm not sure when we would have time to fit it in. This week is super crazy and then next week things should be back to normal crazy!

I've been pretty busy with work and Rotary for the last few weeks and I thought it was going to start slowing down by this time, but I guess not. I'm grateful for everything that I've learned from the different things I've gotten to experience. I've got a great group of girls who can run my branch while I'm gone which cuts down significantly on my stress level.

My Dad hasn't gotten very good test results the last couple of times that he's been at the doctor, so I'm worried about him. He's such a good man and we've been blessed that he has been able to go through so much and still be himself. He's an inspiration!

So much to be grateful for. I have a wonderful family and I try to appreciate the little things every day and work on the big things later.