May 25, 2012

2012 Utah/Wyoming Vacation-Brayson's Blessing

A few months ago, I mentioned that Kayla asked Ron and I to be Brayson's Godparents. After some strategic planning, she settled on having him baptized at the end of May so that we could attend. We left for Salt Lake on the 26th of May and arrived late that evening. We stayed with Tony and Barb Habovstak. They are such wonderful people and so generous to open their home to us any time that we're out that way. We had arranged to rent a mid-size car, but all they had available was a mini-van, then OOPS, I'm sorry we're out of mini-van's, would you like an SUV instead? Um, YES!! A Lincoln MKZ! Talk about a SWEET RIDE! We wanted to see Temple Square while we were in town (and drive the car some more)! Kaleaha didn't want to go, she wanted to stay home with Barb, so Ron and Tony and Mom and Krennan and me went to see the sights. On Sunday the 27th, we attended their ward. It was a lot of fun and the kids had a great time. It was nice to be able to actually sit through the adult classes. Then, unbeknownst to us, there was an airshow in town for the weekend. We, of course, missed the Saturday show, but church let out in time for us to see the Sunday encore. The Thunderbirds flew directly over Tony and Barb's house. It was awesome! Monday morning, the 28th, we pulled out for Afton. We got to Jim and Kayla's about 5:00 PM. Jim had cooked an amazing Prime Rib dinner for us and we met Brayson and visited with them until about 8:00. Kaleaha loved the baby, and Krennan made himself right at home hanging out the back door. After we ate, Jim took the kids outside and let them ride his horse. They now want to be official cowboys and cowgirls! After they came back inside, Kayla brought out a REAL cowboy hat. The kids took turns trying it on. Kaleaha loved it, Krennan left it on for a few minutes, then gave it back to Grandpa Jim. He heard Brayson fussing and ran over to help him get his binky back. Then he tried to hold a conversation with him. So precious! Jim had provided us with motel rooms for a few days and we really enjoyed the motel. The evening of 29th was Brayson's Baptism. Our family and Kayla and Brayson decided to go to Jackson for the day. We love to go to their outdoor mall and look at all the cool stuff. Krennan couldn't decide if he liked the life-like animals or not. When we got back into town it was time for the Baptism. Kayla and Jim had a great turn out for the event and it would have been perfect if Krennan hadn't discovered the handbells! After the Baptism, we went to our favorite restaurant in Afton. It's called Agave and it's incredible Mexican food. We were all pretty worn out after dinner, so we headed back to the motel to pack and get some sleep. We agreed to meet Kayla and Brayson for breakfast the next morning before we left. The kids got to get some energy out playing in the play area after they ate. Then it was time to say goodbye... We got back into town about 2:00 pm and met our friends, Jordan and Shawnee Griffeth for dinner. Jordan's parents, Craig and Susan, were also able to come. We went back to Jordan and Shawnee's new house for a little bit after dinner and got to see all the plans that they have made for their first home. Can't wait to meet Baby Carter who is coming soon! The 31st is our anniversary, so we spent it going to the Dinosaur Museum and eating at our favorite Utah restaurant, Robintinos. Then, way too soon, vacation is over. We flew home on the 1st of June and back to the crazy life we normally lead!

Krennan's Bicycle Rodeo

The last week of school , Krennan's school had a bicycle rodeo. All of the kids except the 1's got to bring some type of bicycle and ride in the rodeo. Krennan decided to take his 3 wheeler. He rode that for a little while and then decided to be a passenger instead.

May 24, 2012

"Play" time at home

We've had a few days of playtime at our house this week. I've been looking for a playhouse for the kids for a while and couldn't really find anything I liked. I finally found one and we went and picked it up this week. They are having a blast in their new little house that is in the den. I've been asked multiple times when they can have a sleep over in "their" house. The Easter Bunny also left some play-doh at our house this year. Kaleaha is very creative coming up with her designs and Krennan got a little bit of help from Mamom.

The Headstone

We came back from vacation just in time to see that they had finally gotten Dad's headstone in place. Seems really final now. But I'm glad to see a formal marker in place instead of the stake from the funeral home.

May 20, 2012

GNO- May 20th

All the girls at work got together and decided to have Girls Night Out. We're not really a wild and crazy group, so dinner and a movie is about as crazy as we get. We met and ate at Boomerang Diner in Van Buren and went to see What To Expect When You're Expecting. Good Times!

Still Nameless

Went to the Cemetary again today. Still NO headstone on Dad's grave. VERY FRUSTRATING!

May 18, 2012

Bonneville Field Day 2012

I took a 1/2 vacation day to help out at Kaleaha's field day this year. We had so much fun. It's really great that the school does this each year. First, we all had a sack lunch. Then we rotated thru play stations all around the school yard. The favorite BY FAR was the water slide. There were approx. 400 kids creating chaos. It was hot and WET and VERY MUDDY!

May 13, 2012

Mother's Day weekend

For Mother's Day weekend, I worked in the morning, then volunteered at the Van Buren Rotary Club booth at Old Timers Day in downtown VB. Usually Mom and I go to OT day together but we haven't been able to for the last coup le of years. I called her after I was finished working at the booth and she met me with Krennan and Kaleaha. We walked around and looked at all of the booths and then let the kids ride the rides. For Kay, the only request that she had for Mother's Day this year was that her whole family attend church with her at First Lutheran Church. Ron and the kids and I went. It was a different experience for the kids, they aren't used to having to be so quiet. After church we went to lunch with Kay and Tommy. Mom came over later that afternoon and we had dinner and visited for a while. Kaleaha drew me some pictures and Krennan made me a flower pot. It was an AWESOME day!