April 18, 2009

Really behind, I know!

I'm sorry I haven't updated lately. I had some free time today and I was going to load you up with all the exciting things that we've been doing BUT...my web album won't let me post any pictures at the moment. I'll try again later, or get my computer guy on it!

We've had family in from out of town, so we've been hanging out with them. We did a picnic, go-karts, playdates, they had a baby born. Lots of exciting things. It's been great to see them all.

Now, since I never have anything to brag about that I've done, I'm going to take a few lines here and do that!! It's been a really busy couple of weeks. I've also been selling Scentsy like you wouldn't believe!!! Holy cow! I've sold over $3200.00 in 7 weeks!! Our bowling league is almost over and I bowled a 636 series last week. Maybe I can top that on Tuesday for our last night. Then to end my week a won a MAJOR award for my region at work. It's my second time to win and I totally did not expect it!! So...it's been a great week for me!!

We'll meet with Kayla again this week and visit with her. Our talks are going really well with her. She's awesome! We've retained an attorney for the adoption finalization, we've been baby shopping and now we're getting ready to paint. So if any of you have a few hours to kill and you are handy with a paint brush...come on over!

Kaleaha is sad about school almost being over. She doesn't REALLY realize that she won't get to see all of her friends, but she does understand that school is almost out. She keeps asking if, when school gets out, we can go on our long vacation again. She's talking about when we went to TN last summer. It was a very long trip and we ARE going on another long trip this summer, but I don't think she realizes all the changes that will happen after this "vacation".

Ron's still busy doing computer stuff and trying to decide what he wants for his birthday. He just happened to be off work last Saturday and so he was excited to be able to volunteer his service for the tornado victims in Mena. He said it was really sad. He had just been there a few months ago and now the house was destroyed. We are very blessed here in our area.

In other news...I've been hooked by Facebook. It's kinda scary how addictive all that stuff is. I ran into a friend of mine from High School and she said that since most of us are so spread out now, they are planning our reunion through FB. So, I went home and signed up to help out, so it looks like it will be an extremely busy summer for us.

I think that's all for the moment. I will try to post pics later!

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