February 21, 2009

Scentsy Seller

I am VERY seriously considering selling Scentsy products, if you guys haven't seen these products and are "smell-lovers" you have GOT to try them out. You can visit their website at http://www.scentsy.com/ and view their products, but we got hooked on them last summer and I have hooked up a bunch of my friends and family with these things. Seriously, if you love candles, but not the smoke or the hazard, the Scentsy warmers are the THING for you. Please let me know if you are interested in learning more about Scentsy. I promise, you'll be addicted!!

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Today's news

Hey guys, I know everyone is anxiously waiting for news from us. We still don't have anything 100% solid to report. We are frequently in touch with the baby's birth mom and we are building a relationship with her. She is a very sweet and funny young lady. We have found through this process that we have a lot in common. It's been fun talking with her. We are keeping her in our prayers and we ask that you do the same. If this is the Lord's will then it will work out however it is supposed to.

Do any of you know how HARD that is for me to say? ME, the control freak!! I can't stand the suspense and I want to hurry up and get everything ready, but I'm forcing myself to wait!! I hope the Lord appreciates my patience... :o) Keep us in your prayers too!

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February 8, 2009

This week's update

Sorry, guys. No new pictures, we just haven't done anything worth taking pictures of. A couple of bits of news though...

1st-Our cousin, Christy, is having a BOY!! Her and her husband, Greg, have a little girl, Madison, that is around 5 years old and they found out on Thursday that this one is a boy! We are SUPER excited for them and send out our Congrats to their family.

2nd-We've been anxiously awaiting news on "our" addition and hadn't really heard anything until Friday afternoon. Our friend that originally made the call about the baby to us, called and gave us the birth mother's phone number. We are supposed to call her tomorrow, so all of you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE add us to your prayers.

You know, it's funny. We weren't looking for or even thinking about another child. We were happy and busy with Kaleaha and I may have mentioned this before, but we had decided that if our family was meant to be larger, then the Lord would make the opportunity fall into our laps.

I was talking to one of the workers for LDS Family Services this week and he posed the question; How did I FEEL about this? I can honestly answer that I feel confident that this is the path that our lives are supposed to take. Over the years that we've been involved in the adoption process we have received SEVERAL calls about a baby here or there that we could possibly get. Some of those seemed like good possibilities at the time and then, for whatever reason, they didn't work out. I know without a doubt, looking back, that the Lord was waiting for us to have the opportunity to raise Kaleaha. She's such a special little girl and it's been so much fun to talk to her about the possibility of having a baby brother or sister. At first, she was not excited, but over the last couple of days she has started telling people that there is a very special baby coming to live with us. How I hope that she' s right!!

Now that the opportunity is here, we realize that we are SO excited about this. A little stressed too, because of all of things to be done, but I know that if this is meant to be that everything will work out in the Lord's time. Please keep our family in your prayers!!

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