December 1, 2012

Mom's Vacation

In keeping with trying to do something different for this year, Mom decided to do something she’s always wanted to do. She and Barb Habovstak had decided to attend the annual Family History Center Conference in Salt Lake City. The best of both worlds! So she left early Saturday the 24th. Matt took her to the airport and she landed in Salt Lake about 5:00 that afternoon. Tony and Barb, of course, gave her the red carpet treatment. They kept looking into the Conference and decided to just make their own conference. They got up every day and went to the Family History Center and worked for a little while then did some shopping then headed back to the house for a home cooked meal. She was able to visit with some Arkansas friends who were serving their mission in SLC and had lunch with them while she was gone. She finally came home on the 30th. Ron and the kids and I picked her up at the airport. The kids were pretty excited to see her. Glad she’s back home safe and sound.

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