December 3, 2012

Mom's procedure

Not sure if I’ve mentioned how sick Mom has been. She has struggled with Acid Reflux for many years and over the last few months it has gotten to the point where she can’t eat anything without getting sick. We are together several nights a week eating and she rarely gets through a meal without making a bathroom visit. It’s very sad. She finally got into see a doctor and they scheduled a procedure for October 22 to stretch her esophagus. She’s had that done before and it lasted a few weeks and then closed up again. So we had much higher hopes for this procedure. I took off work for the day and picked her up and we went to Cooper Clinic. They prepped her and took her back and about 15 minutes later came and got me. They were unable to do any of the procedure because her esophagus was too inflamed. He prescribed a couple of different types of meds and rescheduled what we thought was her procedure for December 3rd. When we got there it turns out that her appointment was only for a follow up consultation. She was very upset and livid at the same time! I was a little put out myself. When we finally got to talk to the doctor he explained that he wanted to see if the meds had done their job and then schedule another shot at the stretching. We asked how soon he could do it since we had understood that it was going to be done today and he responded that he hoped to be able to schedule it for later in the week. When he left the room, we were very disappointed that she was going to have to wait for another time and we were going to have to take off work again. Then as we were getting ready to leave, the nurse came in and said that they had had a cancellation. Would we like to wait and go ahead and do the procedure today? I’m not sure which one of us said yes first. We had to wait another hour and a half and then they took her back and did the procedure. It was successful and she has been able to finally eat a couple of meals without getting sick. It’s been such a big change! So happy for her. He also took the time to explain to her that this procedure was only the first step in solving the issues that she’s been having. That was a relief to hear. We’ve always just been told that this stretching thing would fix the problem. So, hopefully he’ll be able to figure out a treatment plan so that she can put all of this behind her.

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