December 31, 2012

New Years Eve

Monday was New Year’s Eve. Flame had decided to have a Lock-In for the gymnasts. Kaleaha has been bugging us to go for a few weeks and I’m just really not a fan of things like that. Ron and I talked it over and decided to let her try it. He agreed to go pick her up when it was over at 7:00 am. Mom and Aunt Jean had decided to go and visit a cousin that they had not seen in many years in Bartlesville, OK. They intended to just be gone a few hours and ended up being gone all day. On my way home from work I picked up Papa Murphy’s Pizza. I got Mini-Murph kits for the kids to make their own pizzas. They enjoyed doing that and watching them bake. Kaleaha ate and hurried Ron through his dinner so that she could get to the gym early. You would think she would get tired of that place, but I guess not. Krennan found the New Years hat that Ashley had gotten him and modeled it for me. After Ron and Sis left, little guy and I cuddled up and watched some cartoons. When Ron got home (with Sonic!!!) we put in a movie for Krennan. I LOVE cuddle time with my sweet little boy! He’s so precious. I miss cuddling with my sweet little girl; she seems to have outgrown most of that. It’s so sad when they grow up! Krennan fell asleep about 8:00 pm and Ron and I watched a grown up movie. (Quantum of Solace) After the movie, he ended up fixing the washer that has had a very loud noise for the last 2 weeks. It turned out to be a gold dollar that had fallen behind the basket. YAY! A quiet washer again, finally!! We toasted the New Year with Sparkling Cider and went to bed very shortly after that. I’m really looking forward to a better year in 2013. Somehow, I don’t think it can be much worse than this year has been for our family.

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