December 27, 2012

Ridiculous Hair

I took the day after Christmas off this year and thought that we would have some family time at home, but NO! Ron had to work on Wednesday so that he could be off on Saturday for my birthday. The kids and I spent the day at home and we got most of the Christmas stuff played with and attempted to put the house back together. Back to work for me on Thursday. Took the Krenna to Kay’s while Kaleaha had gymnastics practice. They were pretty excited to get to get to hang out with Eli for the day. For Christmas, Santa had brought Kaleaha some hair coloring sticks. As she was getting ready for gymnastics, she decided to "fix" her hair with them. While I was taking Krennan inside I asked her to take a picture of her hair to share with Ron. She made him a video and took one picture of what she calls her ridiculous hair.

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