December 4, 2012

Kaleaha's Christmas Program @ Bonneville

December 4th – Kaleaha’s Christmas Program at Bonneville Just another event to add to the normal craziness that is our life. This program was scheduled from 6-7. Gymnastics is from 5:30-8:30. She didn’t want to miss Gymnastics because she is the only girl on the team with Perfect Attendance. So we compromised. We told Coach Ava that she would be late and got her to the Program. She was an Elf and the kids worked really hard learning all their songs. After the program the kids had to go back to their class room and take off their costumes. Kaleaha, used to changing in the blink of an eye, was already out of her costume and waiting on me. We took off at a run for gymnastics and made it there by 6:50. She was pretty excited that she hadn’t missed more of practice. Krennan was fascinated by the choir that was singing.

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