December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas Day started early! Kaleaha gets up at the crack of dawn and today was no exception. She had already gone through her stocking and tried out her Santa toys before she came and woke us all up. Krennan didn’t take too long to jump into the whole gift thing. He loved his Santa gifts and they wanted to rip everything open immediately. Kaleaha played Santa reading the names on the gifts and Krennan was the elf passing the gifts around. We decided to encourage each child to mention something that they are grateful for as they opened their gift. Sometimes the answers were a little silly but most of the time they came up with something genuine. Such sweet little thoughts! After gifts, we got ready and went to Kay's for Christmas lunch. It was starting to snow and by the time that we left after lunch it was coming down like CRAZY! Krennan couldn't believe it! When we were trying to leave for home Kaleaha had to stop for a snow snack and now that Krennan was out in the snow he wasn't ready to leave! Daddy finally caught him!! Mom came over and hauled most of the ingredients for Christmas Dinner along with presents for our side of the family. We started cooking the turkey and making pies for Kay’s. Mom had done the cornbread the night before so all that we needed to do was put it all together. The pies were finished and Mom took them over to Kay’s. It was already starting to sleet and snow. Krennan was fascinated. We got to Kay’s and had a good non-traditional lunch. Her and Joe had decided to do ribs, pork loin and chicken. I was really glad that Mom was already planning a traditional dinner. I was starving! Eli didn’t get to come again this year. Joe was supposed to go pick him up later. After we opened presents and cleaned up, we went back to our house to finish cooking dinner. We had only been home about an hour when the power went out inside while Ron and the kids were playing outside in the snow. The power was off for about an hour so we finally decided to load everything back into the cars and head to Mom’s. She still had electricity. After loading up and moving across town we started cooking again. Matt and Mandy came over after their movie was over and we had a nice dinner and the kids exchanged gifts and played with their new toys. We eventually headed home with all their loot and put two very tired children to bed. It's hard work throwing snowballs!

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