May 6, 2012

Busy weekend-May 5, 2012

For Mandy's birthday her whole family pitched in and bought her airline tickets to see Christina graduate from college. She left town on the 3rd and Matt was out of town for a basketball conference. Mom was going to watch the boys until Sunday evening so we planned a couple of things for all 4 K's to do together. That Friday night we ate with them at Golden Corral and then they came over for a little while and played with Kaleaha. Krennan was having a blast pestering the big kids. On Friday during work, I got to attend the Chick-Fil-A Leadercast 2012. They had an interesting group of speakers and I always enjoying listening to the messages that these people share. Tim Tebow was one of the speakers and I was impressed with his comments and his humble personality. After Leadercast, I met Mom and all the kids at McDonalds for a snack before open gym at Flame. It's the first time since Krennan was a baby that we've been to play with all of them and he had a blast!!! On Saturday, AETN was sponsoring a Cat-In-The-Hat event at the Convention Center for Free! Krennan loves Cat and Kaleaha likes to read his books and laughs at his funny stories. The three of us were going to go then Kourt decided that he wanted to go along to "help" with the "little" kids. Kadence wanted to sleep. Smart kid!

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