May 2, 2012

Mom and Dad's Anniversary

Monday the 30th would have been Mom and Dad's 44th wedding anniversary. I talked to Matt and we decided that we didn't want Mom to be at home alone on that day. We decided to celebrate Ron's birthday and Mandy's birthday together so that we could have an excuse to be eat together. Not that we need one, I guess, but with all of our crazy schedules, it takes monumental effort to get all of us together. Krennan was not very cooperative, but we met at Cheddars and the food was yummy as always! We reminisced about different things that they had done over the years to celebrate their anniversary and I think Mom felt a little bit better not being alone. We all miss him so much but she's the one who has to go home without him. Glad I have my little chaotic family at home so that there is not too much quiet time.

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