March 17, 2013

Day 1 in Destin

It's our first full day in Destin. There are four VERY excited people here. We booked a Dolphin Cruise for today and chose the earliest one hoping for the best views! We decided to take jackets because it was a little chilly but once we got out on the water it was FREEZING! We saw lots of dolphins but the best thing about the cruise for the kids by far was feeding the seagulls from the boat. The captain handed out pieces of popcorn to the kids. They were supposed to hold them up above their heads and the seagulls would swoop down and pick them out of the kids hands. We got some great video of both Kaleaha and Krennan with the birds literally taking food out their hands. They loved it. It was so fun to watch them! We went all over Destin and clear out into the Gulf of Mexico. The water was amazing! I can't believe that you could actually see the water lines that designate one body of water from the other. WOW!! After the cruise was over we went for a stroll down the Harbor Walk to see what was going on at their St. Patrick's Day parade. We saw a leprechaun on stilts making balloon animals and people watched for a little bit. We saw the booth where they were booking for a pirate cruise called the Buccaneer. We are scheduled to go on that ride on Tuesday before we leave. We stopped at a snow cone booth and enjoyed a couple of different flavors before heading back to the hotel to swim. I LOVE Baskin Robbins. We don't have any close to us and we looked for them on our way down and found that a number of them were out of business. Ron finally found one that was open and only about 15 minutes from where we were staying. ROAD TRIP! Left the kids in their PJ's and took off for ice cream!

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