March 14, 2013

And we're off!!!

Today is the start of a long two weeks, but we are SO excited! I took a half vacation day. Ron took off for the whole day. We took the kids to school, I had a doctor's appointment then went to work and Rotary for a while before coming home and loading up the car. We are leaving from picking up Kaleaha at school to start our State Meet/Destin trip. Our car is completely loaded down. I don't even think we have room for a new T-shirt! It's kinda hard to pack for 2 separate locations with completely different weather. We got out of town by 4:00 and made it to the hotel in time to swim for a little while. I think Krennan gave a few people in the pool area a heart attack running back and forth between the hot tub and the big pool and jumping in. Nobody expects a little guy to be able to swim like he does. Kaleaha's State Meet started at 8:00 Friday morning. She SWEPT every category and WON the All Around as well! By far the best meet of the year for her. Yes, you are seeing 5 GOLD medals! So proud of her and her team. We had to leave before the 2nd session of the State Meet where the rest of the team was competing. Team awards will be awarded after that session. We got the call late Friday night that Flame Level 5 had won State! Way to go girls!! We left Little Rock and headed to our halfway point of the trip, Jackson, MS. It's a long drive so we were glad to finally get to Jackson late Friday night. I had specifically picked this hotel based on the fact that it was supposed to have a heated pool. Bad surprise to find out that it was only a seasonal pool. Especially since I had booked the same hotel going and coming to Destin. It actually worked out OK since we arrived too late to do any swimming but it was really a downer as far as the return trip. We left Jackson early Saturday morning and arrived in Destin (a LONG time later) about 5:00 pm. We literally dumped all our stuff at the condo and took off for the beach. We were all in AWE. It's SO beautiful! The water was a little cold for me but the kids were in LOVE! They both jumped in the ocean up to their necks, clothes and all. Didn't bother them at all. We ordered pizza from a local pizza place next to the condo and then two kiddos crashed pretty quickly.

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