December 21, 2008

This week...

It's been such a crazy week at our house. Here's what our schedule looks like. Keep in mind none of this includes working everyday or Church on Sunday.

-Yesterday was the Chuck E Cheese party.

-Monday night is Spirit Night at Chick Fil A for Kaleaha's school. That means if you tell them that you're with her school on that night, the school receives a portion of your ticket. I think it's 15% of your total ticket. It makes a good fundraiser for the school and is SO much easier than selling stuff.

-Tuesday night is our final night of bowling for this season. We haven't done as well this time as we would have liked, but that's OK, it's SUPPOSED to be all about fun anyway. On the last night we eat pizza and play for cash. Each strike is worth so much and each spare is worth so much. There are 7 teams in our league and everyone was bowling OK thru the first game, so the lady over our league (Roxane) told us to double up on the rewards. So it got a little more competetive. I made $14 and Ron made $12.50. I'm telling you all of this because the money ran out by the end of our second game. So we start the third game with no money available and my (awesome bowler) husband decides to make this his 300 game. IT ROCKED!! (except that he didn't get to take home any cash for it!) GO BABYDOLL!!

-Wednesday night I got my hair cut after work and I was supposed to meet Ron and Kaleaha in the park for our annual Christmas carolling. He woke up with a sinus headache and she kept us awake the night before with a cough, so we wound up not going. I really hated that, it's one of my favorite things to do.

-Thursday Kaleaha had her Christmas program at school and I had my work Christmas party at the Lighthouse Inn after work and then to our Market Manager's house for pie and ice cream!!! That was awesome. His wife is SO sweet to have us all over for dessert and presents!

Friday- Ron left to go to Houston to see his dad for a few days and let me just say that I don't EVER want to be a single parent. I can't wait for him to be back and Kaleaha wants to know where her daddy is. This has been an interesting experience for us because in our whole married lives we've only spent 3 nights away from each other. So far, I'm not enjoying it... It was also Christmas with my oldest brother, Chuck. That was fun. We met at Mom and Dad's. The grandkids decorated the tree and we ate and opened presents.

Is anybody noticing a pattern? FUN=PRESENTS!

Saturday-a birthday party for a friend's little girl. 12 kids trying to bowl at the same time. Enough said...

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