December 2, 2008

Silver Dollar City Day

This was our weekend trip to Branson to see the Christmas lights at Silver Dollar City. We got up there late and basically just crashed at the motel. We got up the next morning and ate breakfast and decided to hit the outlet mall first. Silver Dollar City doesn't open until 1:00 and we wanted to go later and see the lights. We did a little shopping (Kaleaha lost her gloves almost as soon as we got there) and went back to the motel to get naps out of the way (Ron and Kaleaha both needed one). Then we bundled up in 2-3 layers of clothing and piled in the car to cruise SDC. We pull in to the parking lot after giving the very nice and COLD (did I mention that the high was 32 for the day and it was snowing hard-think sleet) attendant our $10 to park in a reasonably close parking lot. After our hike up the hill all bundled up like snow people we get just inside the front gate and the man greeting us says, "Hi, welcome to Silver Dollar City, the park will be closing at 7:15 tonight due to the weather." I think I forgot to preface this by saying it was almost 6:00 when we got there. GRRRRRR!! Needless to say I was NOT a happy camper. We walked inside and looked around at the main square lights and Kaleaha heard the train whistle. She wanted to go ride on the train, so we headed that way. It's a very short distance from the front entrance to the train depot. We go on our 20 minute train ride and as we get back to the depot the conductor tells us that this is the last ride of the evening because the park is closing NOW. Anybody want to guess what my thoughts were when I heard that news? (You guessed it-NOT NICE) So we headed out of the park and I realize that the whole reason that we've come (other than to see the lights) is to get ONE picture of all three of us for our Christmas cards which we have not done at this point, so as we're leaving the park we see this little area set up with two chairs and we decide to wait until we can prey on someone to take our picture. We finally got this really nice guy to take a picture of us, but unfortunately, we look like Pillsbury doughboy (and girl) rejects. We will NOT be using this picture for our cards!! Other than that we had a great time and we will try to plan our next trip a little bit better.

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Anonymous said...

Michelle you are getting really good at this, for someone who just started blogging, you are doing a pretty good job of updating it. Its very refreshing and I enjoyed reading it. Like I keep saying, you guys are so great together and you make a wonderful family. Kaleah is the "bomb" lol.