February 13, 2013

Dad's hard week

Ron's schedule flip flopped this week and he worked Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday instead of his normal schedule. On Wednesday night after Ron got home with Kaleaha from church Krennan decided that "boys need to put boys to bed". Mom's only put little girls to bed these days. That worked out well for me because I was tired and Kaleaha was already asleep. About 15 minutes after Ron was supposedly putting Krennan to bed, Little Guy came walking down the hall and crawled up into bed with me. I asked him where Daddy was and he said, I already put him to sleep in my bed. REALLY! I couldn't believe that Ron was actually asleep in Krennan's toddler bed, so I walked down to his room to check out the story... And this is why Mommy's are back to putting little boys to bed at night...

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