October 27, 2012

The Flame Halloween Fun Meet

October 27th Ava’s Army decided to go to the meet as Soldiers. We had to provide Soldier type apparel, which we had NONE of. Ron and I hit the Army Surplus store and got her some stuff. I made her a shirt with SMITH on it, but it had a little mishap before we left, so she ended up doing something totally different. All the girls looked super cute as they marched in! Matt and Mandy and Gran came to the meet. Joe dropped Eli off. She performed well and we were very proud of her. Also, grateful that family got to come and see her.
After the meet, the Church was hosting a Trunk or Treat. Mom had taken Krennan to that and we dropped Kaleaha off to her and Gran and they let them play games and trick or treat until it was over. Ron and I went on a date! We ate at Cheddars and got to have an actual child-free conversation! Love those times!

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