October 31, 2012

Halloween Day

It's finally here! We had so many places to be! I took off a half a day. We had to go by Gran’s to show off costumes. We had Trunk-or-Treat at Kaleaha’s school from 5-7. Trunk-or-Treat at Krennan’s school from 6-8. The kids also wanted to Trick or Treat around the neighborhood. There are just not enough hours to be everywhere! Thank goodness the church did theirs on Saturday! We went to Bonneville first because we were taking Ellie Nave with us to that one.
When we got to the ALC Trunk or Treat, we found a trunk that was decorated as a Shark Attack. Krennan fit in very well! Wish we had thought of doing that with our trunk! We also found out that Kaleaha won the 2nd grade prize for her pumpkin. After the Trunk-or-Treat’s we came home and I stayed home and handed out candy and Ron did the neighborhood run with Kaleaha and Krennan. They were so wired when they got home!

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