June 23, 2012

Swim lessons X2

Kaleaha started her advanced swim lessons with Mrs. Jayne. She finished the first one and Mrs. Jayne pulled us aside to tell us that she was way too advanced for the class that we had placed her in. So, we had to go inside and find one to fit her skill level. Mrs. Jayne and Mr. Dan ended up creating a class just for her. That was awesome because she got an hour of uninterrupted instruction. On some of the days, she spent 30 minutes (literally) swimming underwater back and forth across the pool. She learned stamina and distance, as well as a couple of new strokes. Mrs. Jayne let Krennan swim for part of Kaleaha’s class and that helped him to solidify what he had learned from his lessons. Kaleaha passed off on the level 6 swimmer and Krennan passed off the level 3 skills. So proud of them! Mrs. Jayne has promised to let Kaleaha be her assistant for next years classes for the younger kids.

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