June 10, 2012

Let the crazy summer begin

June 4th – Kaleaha’s gymnastics practices have been moved to the daytime for the summer. That leaves Krennan with nothing to do except hang out in the Outback. Most days that is not a big deal, but in the summer Flame offers a day camp for school age kids and I didn’t want him hanging out with the big kids for three hours every day. Too much negative influence! ALC decided to offer a summer program for their kids for the first time ever. So, Ron and I decided to put Krennan in the Summer Program for this year. Today was the first day and he was placed in Ms. Terra’s class. He was familiar with her because she has been at the school for quite a while. He walked right in and made himself at home. The classes aren’t as structured as they are during the school year and he enjoyed getting to play with his classmates. I think we made the right decision. We also think it will be more beneficial to him to have the same structure every day than it was for Kaleaha. He’s a little more shy when it comes to big groups. He steps back and evaluates before he decides if he wants to make friends. She just jumps right in and starts talking. We’ll have to see if it’s something that we want to do for next summer, but it was an answer to a prayer for us this year. June 6th - Took the kids to the dentist today. Finally! A visit with no cavities!! June 8th - Met Matt & Mandy and the boys at Golden Corral to celebrate Kourt and Krennan’s birthdays. June 9th - Went shopping with Mom for birthday gifts for Krennan and then took the kids to see Madagascar 3.

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