February 10, 2011

Grateful For Snow days

I said I was going to be better this year and I'm starting out fairly well (so far)! I'm really grateful for the snow. I seriously can't believe all the snow that we've had already this year. I'm LOVING it! For me, it can't ever snow too much. I know lots of people complain about the snow but honestly, you can't look outside your window at a snow covered yard with snow covered driveway and street and not think that it's gorgeous! Now, once everybody starts getting out and it gets all messed up and slushy it kind of loses it's beauty, but the first look when everything is covered and CLEAN is priceless. It covers all the trash on the side of the road and the junk people leave in their yards and even the cars look nice. We've had more family time these last two weeks than we've had in the last two years. Anyway, I love the snow and for everyone that doesn't stay home and keep your complaints to yourself!! I've been at work despite the weather everyday this week, I've passed crazy drivers, grandma drivers and teenage drivers and I have to say that I really believe that everything should close down if the school does. I mean, if the roads are bad enough to keep all the kids home for their safety then let the rest of us stay home too!
It would be especially convenient if all of the weather pansies would stay home this weekend. Kaleaha has her first home meet at Flame and it wouldn't hurt my feelings any if half of the competition couldn't make it. Not that I think she won't do well, but it never hurts to have a few less people.
Anyway, back to the gratitude. I'm grateful for the family that I have. We took the opportunity to just get outside and play. We had a blast! Got Krennan's 4-wheeler out and tried to ride it. The kids made snow angels (I didn't think I could get up or I would have too). We had a snowball fight, played on the swing set, played tether ball, etc. Then came inside to warm up in front of the fire. So, I'm grateful for snow days and the chance to relax at home together! Hope everyone else got to do the same thing...

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