September 22, 2012

Ron's New Sonata and The Fair-Round 1

September 22nd – Well, since we’ve had my new Sonata, Ron has been very jealous! He is suddenly not liking the Vibe all that much so we agreed that if he could find a new Sonata for a comparable payment to his Vibe, then we could look into getting him a new car also. Mr Research went to work. He narrowed it down to 3 choices and then started working with Mario to work out the deal of the century! He ended up choosing a 2011 Sonata that was FULLY loaded. It’s awesome. He’s very stingy with it thought. Cracks me up! So, now we have matching cars. His is a dark blue/purple color. Gorgeous! It’s a sport model so it drives a little different from mine, but it’s super fun!
We came home and took the kids to the Fair. I was a little bit leery of taking them out there on a Saturday night, but the Razorbacks were playing and it ended up being the perfect night. The weather was perfect and it wasn’t crowded at all. Both kids loved all the rides and of course, the fair food! That makes it all worthwhile. I don’t think we’ll get to go back this year because Kaleaha’s old enough to go to church on Wednesday’s and that is usually the night that we go as a family. We’ll just have to see how things go!

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