August 25, 2012

Michelle's New Sonata

I have to say at this point in my car owning history that I usually have new car fever after (about 2 years) but I’ve been so proud of myself for hanging on to this car for longer than that. I was really trying to hold out for another 2 years, but then on his way back from the Greenwood Ward, Ron passed Breeden Hyundai and calls to tell me that they are offering 0% on 2013 Sonatas. I asked him why he was telling me that, because we were keeping our Sonata and he just laughed and said he was just letting me know. So…he called Mario on Monday to see what kind of deal we could work out. Needless to say on Wednesday the 22nd, we drove to Bentonville to pick up my new Silver Blue 2013 Sonata. It’s amazing!! So many improvements from the 2009 model. It’s unreal. So much better to drive and the upgrades are awesome! LOVE THIS CAR!

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