April 11, 2010

Super Hero Day

Every year Chik-Fil-A has two days especially for kids that are AWESOME! First there is Super Hero day then Princess Day a few weeks later. We've gone to Princess day for a few years now, but this was our first year to try out Super Hero Day. Kaleaha is a big Batman fan and I was curious to see Krennan's reaction to these people who are dressed up like the characters. We got there early so that we could get a seat (if you ever go, be sure to get there early or you'll end up on your feet the whole time!).

They have part of the restaurant decorated like the Batcave or on the other side, there is the view of the city from Spidey's angle. While we were waiting we signed up for prize baskets being given away.

When the Super Hero's arrived we got pictures of them coming in and while they were talking to the kids. Kaleaha played in the bounce around for a little while and then it was time to head home. Even little Super Hero's need sleep! We were excited to get a call later that Krennan had won one of the prizes, (see the first picture) so we went back and picked it up. I think for now Kaleaha will get more use out of it, but according to Krenn, it tastes pretty yummy!

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