March 19, 2009

Weekly news update

Hi everyone, I just wanted to take a second to tell those of you who are calling, texting, emailing, etc, about our new addition...THANK YOU!! We really appreciate your concern, it helps to know that we aren't the only ones who are praying for this to happen.

We have been keeping in touch pretty frequently with Kayla (the birth mom). The more I visit with her the more I like her. She's beautiful, sweet, funny and has a great sense of humor. I talked to her last week and she mentioned doing a web cam conference call with her and her caseworker. So...we did that today. It was very cool!! It's nice to talk and text and email and all that jazz, but it's more fun to be able to see that person while you're talking to them! Thank goodness for technology. We hope to do another call two weeks from now. I thought today's call went really well, I felt like Kayla and I were both able to get some questions and concerns out in the open. I'm grateful that she is willing to put out the effort to build a relationship with us.

Hopefully we'll do some more exciting things in the next few weeks and I'll be able to take pictures and post them too! Anybody who LOVES to paint, call me. I can hook you up!

Please continue to keep both our family and Kayla's in your prayers!

On a lighter note...I think I mentioned earlier that I was going to start selling Scentsy. If you guys don't know what this stuff is...IT'S AWESOME! Look it up and let me know what you think. These things are selling like crazy. In less than three weeks, I've had almost $1000 in sales! It's awesome!!!

Please check out my website and feel free to order!

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Shawnee G said...

It sounds like things are going really well with everything! I hope it all works out! Keep updating...we like to hear what's going on! We miss you guys!

Annie Valentine said...

Yay!! It's been too long since I've been by, I'm so glad to hear your good news. And good luck with Scentsy, what a great product.