January 2, 2009

Christmas Family pictures
On the left is the majority of Ron's side of the family. These are Ron's step sisters and their families and his step-aunt and cousins. His brother and nephew are missing. They didn't join us for the Christmas Eve party. On the right is Michelle's parents and brother, sister-in-law and nephews. We had a lot of fun both places. At Michelle's family Christmas Eve gala, the (usually) super organized person, failed to bring Christmas gifts for the boys and so they very patiently waited while everyone else opened gifts before Mandy noticed (thank goodness) that they boys didn't get what she knew that they were supposed to open. No screams were heard so she knew something was wrong. Ron very sweetly agreed to run home and look for the missing packages. Luckily we don't live too far away and he found them!!!
Christmas was once again an unqualified sucess.

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