November 28, 2008

Anybody home ??

A few days ago I found this really cute counter (see very bottom of the page) and so I decided to put it on my blog to see if anyone really pays attention to what we're up to. In the last two weeks I've received a TOTAL of ONE comment for all my hard work...c'mon friends, help me out here. I said I needed suggestions, surely one of you has an opinion that you can share with me!!! The whole idea of this blog is to keep in touch...I'm dyin' here! Please leave comments. Preferably nice ones!! :o)


WatsonFamily said...

Hello, love your blog! I have been meaning to check it out after we spoke the other day. I will be adding you to my Favorites!

The Hamby's said...

Wonderful blog....I must say! Now it's getting competitive!